Developers are Destroyers

Developers are destroyers. I do not know why we did not take that away from the nineteen eighties when suburban development left us with instant slums and urban redevelopment resulted in acres of vacant land.

I do not know why whole “underdeveloped” countries stripped of their minerals, wildlife and forest lands did not clue us in that development is destruction by other than military means.

Now “economic” development is the new flavor, but claiming ownership of natural resources and taking them to market for a buck has the same result. The majority of the people are no better off.

Once the land is stripped of vegetation, wind and water complete the devastation. But, perhaps that is the point. As the young woman said, when her site plan was turned down, if she didn’t get permission, she’d just clearcut the forest without a plan.

Arresting development is sounding better all the time.