No Way, José

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. They don’t give up and they keep getting worse.
Is their latest missive worth dissecting? I don’t know, but in good conscience I cannot let it stand.


Republicans are moving forward with a devastating plan to cut $800 MILLION from Medicare and Medicaid.

First of all, plans do not move. Neither do they devastate. Secondly, the failure to report over which period of time these reductions in outlays are to occur is telling. In any event, given that we spend $70 BILLION a year on lottery tickets, those millions sound like chicken feed.

This is on top of raising taxes for middle-class families and sabotaging Obamacare.

Did I mention that I am sick and tired hearing about Republicans from Democrats? And the middle class? We are supposed to be a classless society. That we cannot maunder about the poor because they are too poor to pay income, but not sales, taxes is beside the point. I don’t want to hear about it.

It’s clear: The GOP will stop at nothing to help their wealthy donors make more money off the backs of seniors and working families.

What is clear, from reading the Constitution, is that the Treasury issues dollars (our money) and Congress is supposed to supervise their distribution into the economy. If the elderly and productive people do not have enough money to mediate their transactions, then that is the fault of Congress.

ADD YOUR NAME now to demand Republicans keep their hands off of Medicare and Medicaid

We need you to act fast, Monica. The GOP is using a special tactic to limit the number of days they need to pass this.

When did public servants fall into the habit of giving orders to their employers? Why on earth would one communicate with such impertinent persons? Much less issue demands to obvious incompetents?

They want to push through their cuts before they go home for summer recess and brag about it.

We can’t let the GOP push this through before Americans start paying attention.

Fine. Then do your job and stop bothering me.

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