Language is critical when dealing with deceivers

If Satan had not spoken to Eve, would she have been deceived?

We’ve known about the Cons’ facility with language at least since Spiro Agnew regaled us with “nattering nabobs of negativism” and managed to distract us from the fact that the Party of No, the embodiment of the negative, was out to steal us blind. Indeed, the subsequent burglaries were just tokens of what they were about. But, we mistook the symbols for the substance and missed that a much bigger burglary was in progress, the theft of our national resources by the kleptocracy.

Today’s installment of verbal deception brings us Eric Prince’s denial of any “formal” association with the Dude’s election schemes. What that meant was that he did not fill out a form and he did not get paid.

Apparently, the poobahs have finally caught on that money is worthless, regardless of how much they accumulate, whether by theft or extortion. So, if they want power, they have to hold public office.