Our local slumlords need to be called out.

Why can we not trust the Glynn County Commission and its gaggle of self-righteous authorities and boards? Because, if the Commission had been focused on the general welfare of the community over the last three decades, forty percent of our children would not be living in dire poverty. Nor would the landscape be littered with a thousand derelict trailers in Palmetto, Driftwood, Harley Place, Horseshoe, Altamaha, Live Oak, Fairview and New Hope MHPs, to fatten the purses of our local slumlord class.

If attention had been paid, the fish in our rivers would be good to eat and respiratory disease would not be a growing chronic condition in Glynn County.

Demolition and re-construction are not progress.

Electronic information technology does not assure accurate information.

And praying before preying does not insure good decision making.

In GIGO veritas.

P.S. The property records identify: Yates, Landon, Tosteson, Gentile, Hawkins and O’Quinn.