What Makes Private Property Attractive?

Here in the County of Glynn, in the state of Georgia, it’s obviously not the opportunity to safeguard and take good care of the natural environment for the benefit of present and future generations. No, if the Adams Family are representative, the purpose of private property is to exclude others and lay waste to land and water without being disturbed.

To be honest, I had some sympathy when the Adams brothers raised objections, on behalf of themselves and their sister in New York, to the proposed overlay district along Glynn Avenue, which proposes to set aside the required state set-back from the marsh and river front and dedicate it to potential pedestrian use. However, after taking a gander at what they’ve done along the shore of Dupree Creek and the marsh, my sympathy has fled. Not to mention that the collection of abandoned warehouses on the 15 acres the family owns are a total disgrace.

If you don’t believe me, here’s a bit of pictorial evidence:

Clicking on the images will enlarge them to full size. The straw bailing enterprise is obviously somewhat haphazard and, given the evidence of unauthorized use of the site by the homeless, a potential fire hazard.

You might think that as the progeny of a judge, the Adams Family heirs would be more circumspect. No such luck. Our current Clerk of the Superior Court, Ron Adams, could not even be bothered to take his campaign signs away.
Perhaps we can anticipate that the featured signs for our current slumlord candidate for the Glynn County Commission, David O’Quinn, will end up behind the bushes, as well. Are slumlords kin, like birds of a feather? Come to think of it, Lawyer Adams’ office is not particularly inviting either. One wonders if he’s going to object to the city’s efforts to revitalize Norwich Street, as well.

It is well known in the law enforcement community that the majority of crimes are committed by a relatively small number of individuals. Perhaps the same is true of derelict property owners who find it convenient to hide behind a variety of corporate monikers or register property in the spouse’s name.

Private property and family values working together to shirk responsibility.

Finally, it should be noted that private property rights can only be realized if the public is content to honor private interests. Why we should continue to do that for people who shirk their social obligations is a good question.