Who’s to blame for ICE?


The culture of obedience is perforce coercive. It is the nature of culture to be coercive. It is unnatural because the natural condition of humans is liberty.

In other words, the culture of obedience is abusive. That is true whether the individual consents to the coercion or is physically restrained. Moreover, because it is unnatural, the culture of obedience relies on irrational demands. That is, the prescribed behaviors are irrational. Exporting socially connected productive and talented people is a good example of the unreason that pervades the culture of obedience, whether compliance is the result of consent or restraint. Both the perps and their victims are enmeshed in an abusive system and provide a good example of how abuse is transmitted. The jailors are abusive to the captives because they themselves are coerced into doing things that violate their sense of justice. The result is that they are associated by guilt. Guilt is a powerful tie and is why abuse breeds abuse.

That is why there has to be an intervention from outside. The community has to call a halt.

We are seeing first-hand how the enslavement of Africans came to be perceived as morally beneficial.

The problem arises from the fact that obedience is a virtue arising from the natural impulse to imitate apparently beneficial behavior. What we tend to miss is that virtue coerced turns into vice. We should know that from intercourse. Perhaps the problem is that coercion is hard, if not impossible, to see.