Loony letter response

From the Brunswick News:

Letters to the editor are opinions that sometimes cross over the line in reason and judgment. This includes mine as well. One such letter recently submitted by Monica Smith of St. Simons Island — who must be a U.S. constitutional authority with her certainty of its interpretation — reaches a new plateau of loony. She as well as many of our black-robed politicians have amended, twisted and distorted our constitution to meet their own agenda of how the world, should be.

The original Constitution had only 4,543 words, counting the signatures. Since the states signing on to be part of the United States, our document has been amended 27 times and now has 7,541 words, making it still the smallest constitution in the world for larger countries. Perhaps many of The News’ readers connect the same dots I do in that many so called constitutional decisions are reached which have no correlation whatsoever to do with our founding document.

Mrs. Smith’s polluted thinking aside, she is more than likely correct that someone will challenge that legal and illegal immigrants — in fact the rest of the world — are protected by the constitution. It matters little to those who think like Mrs. Smith that the results are bankruptcy, loss of sovereignty, etc. It is thoughts such as those expressed by Mrs. Smith that are destroying our country — once the greatest man has ever known. Too bad.

Felton Hudson

The original LTE:

Our Constitution obligates agents of government to provide for the welfare of all persons within its jurisdiction. So, if our public servants are to fulfill that obligation, they need to know how many persons are to be served. To that end, new arrivals are registered and provided various kinds of documents. In other words, documentation is largely for the convenience of agents of government.
The Constitution also specifies that citizens, who govern, shall vote to elect our agents of government. So, citizenship is an issue. But, now that all states issue certificates of live births, those records should be readily available when a person attains maturity and elects to participate and vote. All that is required is that records kept by our agents of government are accurate..
On the other hand, Individuals who have no interest in being served or exercising the obligations of citizenship, have no occasion to access or use any kind of documentation. And our agents of government have no call to demand their production.
Just as the investigation of a crime has to be based upon a verified complaint, services are to be delivered upon request, regardless of a person’s citizenship status.
What seems to have happened in recent decades is that since segregation on the local and state level is no longer acceptable, some people have decided to do it on a national basis. Eventually, this effort will also be ruled un-Constitutional, but, as usual, we have to wait until some affected person sues.