Although the electronic media for the most part employ print, it continues to surprise me how many people are into gossip and argument. What’s their function? Is it just the impulse to persuade that drives the participants?

I’m not into persuasion. Acceptance and consent is what I am after. Is that the same thing? I think not.

My LTE in today’s paper. The title the editor put on it is appropriate but wrong because, in order to discriminate against immigrants, employers now have to demand documents from all employees, if they want to get contracts with public agencies. It simply is not possible to segregate one geoup without segregating everyone.

Citizens not obligated to provide documentation
Our Constitution obligates agents of government to provide for the welfare of all persons within its jurisdiction. And, if our public servants are to fulfill that obligation, they need to know how many persons are to be served. To that end, new arrivals are registered and provided various kinds of documents. In other words, documentation is largely for the convenience of agents of government.

The Constitution also specifies that citizens, who govern, shall vote to elect our agents of government. So, citizenship is an issue. But, now that all states issue certificates of live births, those records should be readily available when a person attains maturity and elects to participate and vote. All that is required is that records kept by our agents of government are accurate.

On the other hand, Individuals who have no interest in being served or exercising the obligations of citizenship, have no occasion to access or use any kind of documentation. And our agents of government have no call to demand their production.

Just as the investigation of a crime has to be based upon a verified complaint, services are to be delivered upon request, regardless of a person’s citizenship status.

What seems to have happened in recent decades is that since segregation on the local and state level is no longer acceptable, some people have decided to do it on a national basis. Eventually, this effort will also be ruled un-Constitutional, but, as usual, we have to wait until some affected person sues.

Monica Smith