Question time

For candidates for local, state and federal office.

0. How familiar are you with Glynn County’s zoning ordinance?
0. Which zoning categories are in need of revision?
0. Should the zoning of public property be consistent with its use–i.e. Shorelands and marshlands = conservation?
0. What are your plans for dealing derelict properties and negligent absentee landlords?
0. Should code enforcement officers have police powers?
0. Should Glynn County be content to comply with the minimum standards promulgated in state and federal statutes or adopt higher standards to respond to local conditions?
0. What is your position on appointed boards and authorities such as the Brunswick and Glynn Development Authority, the Jekyll Island Authority, the Golden Isles Airport Commission, the Georgia Ports Authority and the Convention and Visitors Bureau disposing of public resources and assets without meaningful public input and review. Should their projects be compliant with the County’s Comprehensive plan?
0. Do you think leases for properties for commercial purposes should be confidential or recorded and made available for public inspection?
0. How important is the preservation of the tree canopy, the native vegetative cover and the health of the marshlands? What measures should the county take to prevent the spread of toxins into our wetlands?
0. Under what conditions should a subdivision or a planned development be vacated? Upon whose initiative?
0. What is the best use of the public accommodations tax? Promoting tourism with advertising or with utility and transport infrastructure that wiil enhance guest comfort and encourage them to visit again?
0. Should members of the public be allowed to and encouraged to comment on all agenda items at all public meetings?
0. What is the relationship between paying taxes and civic participation? How do you plan to get the public more involved?
0. How many meetings of the body you wish to join have you ever attended and how many in the last twelve months?
0. Which duties and obligations of the office you are seeking are you particularly qualified to carry out?
0. Do you agree with “give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s” when it comes to the relationship between church and state? Do you think religious establishments should pay their fair share for public services?