Right to Work

“Right to work” should be rephrased as “Right to Obey.” The proponents are not interested in products, but in obedience. The recent emphasis on “workforce development” points to the direction they are heading. How to force people to do what they are told. Apparently, the example of starving humans is not having the desired effect. The crash of 2008 did not have the desired effect, either. Although many people were removed from the labor force, data suggest that the “recovery” has not brought them back.

Of course, young people living in their parents’ basements escape the workforce. Extended households do not need as much money because they have additional talents under one roof.

individualism, it turns out, is central to distatorship. Extended households (families) are near impossible to control. That is why the family farm had to be destroyed, if industrial agriculture was to survive. It is hard to exploit cohorts that do not depend on money.

This, too seems worth saving……….

Granted, the narcissist cannot be treated. One cannot create an awareness of self where none exists. There is perhaps an irony in the fact that the self-centered are self-unaware. It is as if they suffer from a face blindness of the self.

It was very late in her 98 year existence that I realized my mother could not recognize images of herself. On a video she recognized her voice but had to ask if she was there in the picture. In a way, I suppose that explained how come she had a large collection of formal pictures of herself. She needed reminders of what she looked like.

Yes, a narcissist cannot be treated, only restrained from doing injury to other people against whom irrational grudges are formed.

Narcissists are the hollow men. Apparently, their occurence has been known for a long time. However, I think there is a mistake in equating narcissism with self-love or even admiration. The self cannot be lived because it is invisible to them. And perhaps because the self is invisible, others are not visible either. Perhaps “out of sight, out of mind” is a literal reference to the condition of people who only see their environment, not through a glass darkly, but superficially.