SLEAT Report

Dear Friends of SLEAT:

Saint Simons resident Don Daleen has some pointed observations:

“I hope that you all read the EXCELLENT “letter to the editor” in last Tuesday’s NEWS by a Mr. Philip Allen. Mr. Allen astutely addressed the necessity for our Citizens (YOU), and our Commissioner Clowns, to think about and express themselves about the future of the Golden Isles. What do our Clowns actually want our Islands to become? What do you Citizens hope for these Islands? In the event that you haven’t sensed it; There is some “Plate Movement” going on beneath the surface. I am not a Geologist, put I can sense a change in the “Angle of Repose”, and soon there will be some real boiling to the surface of a growing public resistance to SSI development. Did you read Ms. Gibbons push for “FEES”? Or read Ms. Riley’s push for more consideration for current Citizens? I will bet that soon there will be MORE opinion that favors “FEES” for developers! 80% of the SSI Citizens OPPOSE “Rampant Development”, but we have Officials who “Worship at the Altar of Rampant Development” — Development at any cost! Now we learn that Developers want to put an 8,000 Sq. Ft. “Event Facility” on the Sinclair Tract — that’s a synonym for a paved parking lot and much new vehicle traffic on Frederica and Lawrence Roads. SURPRISE, the developer has not offered the funds to pay for the “Infrastructure Needs” — Nothing! Friends, do NOT expect our Clowns to demand that the developers Pay. SSI Citizens are staring at a bill for $300,000,000 of future “Infrastructure Needs”, yet Commissioners Brunson and Murphy have said NOT A WORD about how exactly that enormous bill will be paid. What percentage of that Bill should be rightfully paid by the “Developers’? ZERO%? 75%? Perhaps, one day Murphy, Brunson, Stambaugh, will stop sucking their thumbs, come out of the closet, and tell us what they think — what they propose — what they want SSI to become! At the very least, we need more “Transparency”. “Rape” should never be allowed to be a covert crime, be it to a person or a COMMUNITY, and soon the “RAPE” of South, and North, Harrington Roads is now upon us — silently, but surely. Citizens, RISE UP, Now! d

Dave Kyler has also shared some good news:

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
February 3, 2018
Federal court ruling may lead to gas pipeline shutdown
By Michael E. Kanell
A federal court has moved to shut down the controversial Sabal Trail pipeline, which runs more than 500 miles through Alabama, Georgia and Florida.
The ruling — a triumph for environmentalists — left standing a previous court ruling that had criticized the government for not considering the downstream effects of the natural gas pipeline.
The decision came down from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit on Thursday. The court did not issue a statement or detailed opinion. But the decision not to revisit the August decision means — absent further legal action — that the Sabal Trail pipeline will lose permission to run and operations will be halted.

The Coastal Resources Division has today posted a notice for an application to do work on Jekyll Island at 721 North Beachview Dr.

The application is not accurate because the applicant is merely a registered agent and not the owner. Moreover. leaseholders’ commitments cannot be enforced because the property cannot be attached in the event of a default. Comments are requested by March 3. The permit is requested from the shore and marsh “management program” rather than “shore protection.”

Efforts to commercialize the marsh between Sea Island and St. Simons by exploiting Village Creek goes on apace. Turns out that Musgrove Plantation, in addition to serving as a conference and wedding venue, hosts trail rides on horseback three times a day. They are cheaper than rides along the beach ($80 vs. $120). It is no wonder the dunes on the Spit are eroding, if they are being trampled by horses three times a day.

According to the Glynn County on-line calendar, there will be something called a “Planning & Zoning Training 202” session from nine AM to four PM on Saturday, February 17th, at the Coastal Pines Technical College.
Whether this training is open to the public is unknown by yours truly, at this time.