Power vs. Performance

So, perhaps we have another inverse relationship here: the greater the power, the lower the performance. I say “another” because in the case of disutilities (goods and services the recipient do not positively want) the relationship between performance and profit is inverse. But, in that case, it is greater/better performance that results in lower profits.

The concept of disutilities is useful, but I note that the internet dictionary does not recognize, as it also doesn’t recognize “deprivators” as a word. Regardless, power, because, to be felt it has to hurt (inflict injury), can be classified as a disutility. That, instead of enhancing performance, it lowers performance may come as a bit of a surprise. But, when you think about people being coerced AND directed to perform ill-considered, if not stupid, acts, because that is what the culture of obedience (coercion) demands, then malfeasance is bound to follow.
I suppose that, instead of the culture of obedience, one could describe the resulting social system as the “cult of personality” if one were to specify that the status of persons, rather than their performance, is the sole criterion for recognition. When status is the issue, then authority is based on relative relationships, rather than function or performance. (Which was sort of how paternity was identified until scientific testing made it possible to validate a biological basis).
“Family values.” It has been clear for some time that this phrase does not express an appreciation of or care for the members of a family. It is, at best, a euphemism for the exercise of un-warranted authority — unwarranted because the authorship was not able to be verified. I say “at best” because, in many cases, members of the family were/are valued as easily exploitable persons. For all we know, the cult of personality is nothing more than “family values” exported to a larger population.
I’m inclined to suggest that as the “work of men moved out of the household,” which is how economists describe the process of industrial development, it wasn’t just women and children that got left behind, but function, as well. So, now that women’s work has also moved out of the household, function has virtually disappeared entirely. What we are left with is lots of people giving orders to enhance their status by having others do stupid stuff.
Not doing almost seems preferable.