Sneaky Grassley

What’s on my mind? After reading through a review of the interrogation of Simmons, I conclude the following about some of the denizens of the Hill………..

Well, let me just opine for the record that this is not a matter of party over nation. Being part of the Republican party is a cover for some self-centered humans. The party moniker is a component of their disguise. These are amoral people driven by a lust for power. They inflict hurt because that is the essence of power. To be felt, power has to hurt.
Evidence of how lightly the party moniker sits can be found in how easily they shift from one side to the other. Vide the latest example, the Governor of Missouri.
The question is where this lust for power originates. And here, I suggest, their typical demeanor and aspect provide a clue. Almost uniformly these power lusters look humble and inoffensive and impotent. And that is the point. They are impotent and lust for power to compensate. They inflict injury to demonstrate their prowess. And, because they are at base wimps, they have to be surreptitious. They don’t slink around to hide their guilt; they do it so they wont get hurt.
Cowards lusting for power. Aint that a kick?
That is what Grassley was trying to hide and Feinstein revealed. And, as usual, the dude susssed out to right attitude (stealth) in the wrong place. It was Grassley trying to be sneaky, not Feinstein.