On so-called school choice

Choice is irrelevant when someone else’s future is involved. Children are being coerced to pay attention. Whether that coercion is imposed by the parents or the community at large is the issue. Nobody knows the results. What some parents apparently feel is they should be coercing instead of being coerced to hand their children over to the community. Children have no choice and, as long as they are considered the property of their parents, no rights.

So the argument over their schooling is really about the extent of parental property rights. They want exclusive use of their children and reject that they have any obligations to the community. Exclusivity, that’s the ticket. School choice is the current euphemism for the exclusive behavior that used to be referred to as segregation, the opposite of integration. My point is that exclusivity, whether it is manifest as segregation or school choice or restricting migration is an endemic force or impulse whose targets are chosen opportunistically. If one target is not available for exclusion, another will be selected.

It is sort of like a barn swallow diving at a human with white hair as it would a large bird with a white plume that has ventured into its territory. Chasing intruders away is an effective strategy compared to being unaware or complacent.

Directing such behavior against one’s own kind when one is a creature empowered to communicate verbally is counterproductive. But, failing to communicate may not be a choice for some self-centered and self-absorbed humans. What is surprising is that there are so many of them–people with big heads who are so dumb. Maybe there is a connection.