Praise the Lord

When I was nine years old, I was sent to a non-denominational Christian boarding school which transported the children to a different church each Sunday. One evening we were even sent to some sort of “revival” in a tent where the children were exhorted to “take Jesus as their Savior.”

For some reason, I participated in the exhortation but explained that, as a Catholic, I was already saved and not in need of this service. Catholicism, albeit lightly held, protected me from coercion.
I’m reminded of that because, now resident in the Religious State of Georgia, it strikes me that religious, particularly Christian, affiliation seems to serve many a citizen by relieving them of their civic obligations. And even to absolve them of the restrictions commonly imposed to prevent conflicts of interest. Or perhaps, a mere commitment to establishments of religion vitiates self-interest entirely.
Also, free will is out the window. God’s will is done, so pass the ammunition.