The Handiman’s Report

Hello, Mr. S

It has been a while.

Your last email said I should let it go wild, but people go there quite often. There are children and their parents come to walk and play, college students settle down at the picnic table, and even during the winter children come there to ice skate or build a snow man. So, I am not going to let it grow wild. I will keep maintaining the playground as long as I am able, because I enjoy doing it. Maintaining the playground is like therapy for me and I like looking at our creation.

I already started working in the playground months ago. I meant to send you the report for this year sooner, but a lot of things have happened this year. Now I have a total of three jobs: as a land care worker/manager in our family business, as caretaker of the Durham Evangelical Church part time/as needed, and as a farm worker in the UNH Organic Dairy Farm. So it has been busy, but at the same time I am grateful for the work. Thanks to you I have these jobs, because you taught me how to be a hard worker and find the endurance to work in the toughest situations.

I was wondering what are you going to do with the playground when you pass away? I am not saying I am encouraging it, but I am curious about what you are going to do? Are you giving it to UNH, selling it, or leaving it to someone in your will?

I have other questions to ask you:
I was wondering if you can send me the recipe of the chicken soup that you made when we worked at your place. I really like that soup you made.
With your permission I would like to get a small amount of crushed stone and/or pea rock to put on top of the other stones on the paths. Right now the stones are sinking into the ground and covered by water and plant material.
I am creating a setting like the playground in my backyard and eventually making a garden. Can you remind me what we did to make a solid platform and paths? I was thinking it was putting muck (with plant material) on the bottom, clay on top of the muck, and then muck (without plant material) with clay mixture on top of the clay. Is that correct or is it something different?
May I borrow the rolling stone for my garden/project? I am hoping to make paths someday.
Months ago a truck dumped wood chips into your playground. Did you set that up?
People have been littering the playground. Will it be o.k. if I put up a sign and a trash can in the playground, so people can put their trash in the trash can? I’ll make sure the trash can gets emptied very week.

Thank you for everything