So, I was randomly checking my bookmarks in the chrome browser and ran across a link to the Trump campaign expenditure report for July 2016 in which more than $1.6 million for Giles Parscale showed up. Further up the list there is a payout to ACE Specialties, a woman-owned Louisiana firm that has the exclusive contract for distributing Trump gear, especially the red hats.

Madam Mahfouz has a great story about traveling to New York to pitch the main man himself to get the concession that enabled her to increase her workforce from ten to forty. It only took her a week to set it up. Of course, the signature caps aren’t actually made in Louisiana. They come to us from Cali Fame, a Los Angeles manufacturer located about where my immigrant mother got her first job as a seamstress in 1949.

Though the owners of Cali Fame, Tim and Brian Kennedy, apparently tried to remain anonymous and their immigrant workforce is just grateful to have jobs,

Brian Kennedy says his company has been making hats for Trump’s golf courses for about a decade, which is how he got connected with the campaign.

Which makes it look like Christie Mahfouz was set up in business because of her location. Location, of course, is what always counts in real estate.