Gilt or Guilt by Association

It makes little difference whether it is gilt or guilt that is derived from a personal association, which is not a connection. What is important is the association. Association is what defines the relationship between stars/heroes/leaders and their base. A fan club is an association. Association is what passes for social involvement for the disconnected. Calling the hired help at Walmart ‘Associates’ is not incidental; it is an accurate description of their mindset. An associate is not a member, partner, cooperator or agent. Indeed, association involves no agency. An associate is independent, a being who does nothing. An association is a happenstance.
Are the limbic people in limbo because all their perceptions are subliminal? Is that what it means to be unaware of one’s environment? It isn’t that the environment goes unnoticed; it’s that the notice doesn’t register in the conscious brain. The unconscious brain is not aware of what the limbic system is noticing.
Can we blame people for lacking empathy, if they have no conscious awareness of anything?