The Religious States of America

Yes, the Religiou States of America are the heirs of the Confederacy and tax exemption is evidence of their supremacy.

The question is what these “states” are superior to. And the answer is the people. Supremacy relies on subjugation—voluntary servitude. ‘Tis not necessary to enslave with chains when persons subordinate themselves to people who make irrational and hurtful demands.

What is the advantage of being a loyal subject? Not having to think for oneself and thereby avoiding mistakes. The Religious States of America are the preferred venue of incompetents. That is why they do not thrive. It has nothing to do with skin color. The population of the Religious States of America is diverse. So is the population of those who exploit their sense of inferiority.

How is this supremacy managed? By self-designated “leaders” and rubber stamp elected officials. They pray before they prey and cloak themselves with sanctimony. The imitators of Christ are a population of victims.