On Being Frisked/Wanded

To: John Powell, Interim Chief of Glynn County Police

Following up on our brief conversation last evening, let me point out
that since, as an ordinary citizen, I am only permitted four
opportunities a year to address the County Commission, I have to husband
my appearances in case something important comes up. Police infringing
on our personal privacy before we access the hallowed halls of the Glynn
County Commission is not high on my list of priorities. Few citizens are
actually affected since most have given up on interacting with the
Commission long ago.

Also, I would note that since formal presentations are not recorded in
the minutes, there is never any response from the Commission to requests
or suggestions and questions are not answered, after attending virtually
all meetings since January 2014, I would not recommend to anyone that
they waste their time.

It is my sense that the officers at the door were in response to large
numbers of people turning up for public hearings on developments to
voice objections, which the Commission did not want to hear. Law
enforcement is being used to intimidate the citizenry. You may even
consider it preemptive enforcement but, as Benjamin Franklin warned,
liberty should not be traded for security. Public servants should be
responding to complaints, not trying to make the citizenry compliant.