Maxwell Update

It is slightly amazing what ramifications a little inundation can have. The water-logged heat and air conduits under the house were relatively easily replaced and, while the unit initially worked well, water took its toll eventually and the condenser had to be replaced. Then it turned out that the circuit breaker was jimmied a long time ago with pieces of copper pipe, instead of batteries. And then the pressure gauge on the compressor proved defective.
Long story short, we are till without AC, except in the annex and whatever cool air a fan can send into the rest of the house. Moist hot air turns out to be rather debilitating for us old folks.

Meanwhile, one of the circuits tripped and electricians took several hours figuring out that another circuit was actually to blame. And the ceiling fan that stopped working in the annex is not actually caput. A new one only worked for a minute and putting a cord and plug on the old one shows it to be working fine. So, the problem is twixt the switch and the box in the ceiling and I’m betting on the outside outlet being the problem. Electricians will have to return. Interesting that things work for a while and then they quit.

Two of the cars are now in the shop. One has a cranky clutch, even after it was replaced and the other had rodents chewing on the electric wiring. It is not true that nothing consumes carbon-based matter. Roaches love plastic bags and even ants feat on sheathing on wires. Perhaps they like the colors.

wednesday addendum:

Now the AC is supposedly fixed, but it is so quiet that it is most disconcerting. I cannot hear whether it is on.

The ceiling fan in the mud room is still not working. But, it turns out an upstairs outlet is also not working and it seems to be on a different circuit since it sparked when I thought I had everything turned off. Still waiting on the electricians.