The etiology of the duped electorate

We’ve got an abusive sub-culture in the U.S.  It is possible it has evolved out of the intellectual and moral support for slavery.  Since particular minorities are no longer able to be subjugated with impunity, the impulse to subjugate is broadly spread. The result is that we have what are called abused elders, abused spouses, abused children and abused animals.

Abuse is particularly pernicious, perhaps even more so than death because:

1) Resistance risks additional injury

2) It is longer lasting

3) It is difficult to differentiate from discipline

4) It prompts revenge against an innocent to transit from generation to generation

5) Pride prompts the abused to rationalize that they are actually loved

The Dude’s fans are people for whom abuse has become a way of life, a habit. They’re used to it; addicted, if you will. 

“All hat, no cattle” does not apply. There’s no hat and the cattle respond to the flick of the whip.