Deprivation of Physician Care

I have never been enthusiastic about the term “health care,” because, of course, healthy people don’t need care. Health care is a sop to the medico-industrial complex which wants a steady and predictable stream of customers coming in for annual check-ups. Since I don’t like being checked, that’s always been a turn-off.

Anyway, today I’ve hit on what the AHCA is about — the deprivation of physician services under cover of law. Deprivation of rights under color of law is, of course, a well-recognized crime. I’ve long said that the law has been perverted to make crime legal. This is more evidence.

So, the deprivation of physician care is what they are about in Washington. That’s a stain on the national psyche that won’t come out in the wash.

The D.C. Gang have entered a new territory. No longer is it a matter of negligence. Since the ACA was adopted and implemented, repeal would constitute a deprivation of rights. Thievery.