Hurricane follow up

The other day, we participated in a reciew session, sponsored by the UGA seagrant program, to assess the community’s preparations and response to Hurricane Matthew. Our puddy was the only male person willing to participate in the exercise. For that matter, we had to sort of invite ourselves because the incitation to participate was issued to Brunswick residents and we, of course, are residents of St. Simons Island and our newesr properties aren’t in the city either.

Anyway, in rummaging around the iPad today, I found the video I recorded while driving around the City of Brunswick the morning after Matthew veered out to sea about two AM. Since electric service was out in much of the area, the car radio seemed like a good source of news. But, the main reason I started recording was because the same stale message was being broadcast over and over.

So, it turned out that the version saved on the iPad is too large to upload directly. And anyway, it is already on youtube.
Since we are back in hurricane season, it might be worth while refreshing memories.