Abrogate, arrogate and abstract

So, here on the Georgia Coast there’s a lot of arrogation of property and abrogation of responsibility going on. Mostly, it’s not the same people making false claims to property they don’t own and the people failing to protect those who do. But sometimes it is governmental entities failing to honor what other governmental entities are responsible for.
From which I conclude that it’s no wonder people are fixated on property rights when their rights are being either challenged or ignored left and right.

One problem with rights is that they are an abstraction and abstractions are easy to discount or ignore. So when tangible objects, such as pieces of land, are turned into abstract plats or plots, then the natural characteristics are easy to over look. Go one step further and convert real property into currency (dollars, in our case) and the characteristics of the matter are likely to disappear entirely. On a grand scale, that means our whole economy, the trade and exchange of goods and services, is likely to be turned into a graph of numbers and lines into which the underlying reality disappears entirely.

Are arrogation and abrogation consequences of abstraction? No. Those attitudes are consequences of human inattention and disrespect for other humans and their rights to the assets that make up the sustenance of life. Abstraction just makes their disregard for, even antagonism towards, their own kind less blatant. In the long run, the enhancement of man’s cognitive capabilities may not promote the survival of the species.