Public Notices to mislead?

One has to wonder. After a while a persistent pattern of mistakes begins to look intentional. The last time a hearing for this project was noticed, there were several mistakes in the application and after they were pointed out, the public hearing was canceled at the last minute. Now it’s being re-noticed, but for a much larger area (over three thousand acres) and the information in the advertisement is misleading and incomplete.

In a letter to the planning director, the spouse explains:

Dear Ms. Thompson:

In the Brunswick News yesterday, 17 April 2017, under “Public Hearings” is an advertisement with the heading “PUBLIC HEARING NOTICES ISLANDS PLANNING COMMISSION”, but the notices are actually for two public hearings at the Mainland Planning Commission meeting on May 2nd.

Not that it matters, except to anyone trying to make sense of what is going on in Glynn County, the information for the second of the two public hearings, ZM3491, does not contain any parcel number(s) or street address or the names of owners for a planned development “consisting of approximately 3,343.8 acres”. In other words, it is not easy for interested citizens to locate this parcel or these parcels in the county’s on-line tax records.

Instead, members of the public are told that “The plat and applicant and owner information is also available for inspection at the Glynn County Community Development Department.”

Please consider this a formal request to make these documents available to me this morning no later than 10:00. If that is not convenient for you or your staff, please have them available no later than 1:00 this afternoon so I may inspect them before the County Commission work session at 2:00.

In the event it is not possible for me to inspect these documents today, please consider this a formal GORA request to inspect the documents on or before the close of business on Thursday, April 20th.

I have copied this message to Commissioner Browning, in whose district the property in question is located.


Julian Smith