Who rules.

The issue of the twenty-first century is who rules. Do the people rule or are they ruled? Republicans believe that people getting to vote in their rulers is enough of a compromise. That way, some people still get to exercise authority over others despite not having achieved anything worth being honored. Elections, in the Republican view, are the incompetents’ key to power.

The last Republican administration hit on the supreme power of the Commander in Chief during war time as an excuse to exercise authority over everyone under the guise of keeping them “safe.” However, that stratagem wore out its welcome when the most powerful military was sent packing by people speaking in a foreign tongue.

Since fighting “them over there, so we don’t have to fight them here at home” didn’t work out so well, the populace will have to be put in its place in the U.S. That’s what is now going on and the stratagem being deployed is that old stand-by, segregation, only on a grander scale. The country’s borders are going to serve as an excuse to make sure nobody wanders around at will. Citizens who don’t behave aren’t going to be let back in.

It’s about time people realized that segregation is a two-edged sword; that it’s not possible to segregated one population (foreigners, blacks, women, children) without segregating everyone else. It’s also about time people realized that the lust for power is stronger than any other AND NEVER SATISFIED.

Now we’re going to get a chance to see whether Justice Kennedy has got it right — that the people are the ultimate law enforcers. Power to the people!