How Things Ought to be Done

Request to rezone, from R-6 Residential to FA Forest – Agricultural, that irregularly shaped tract identified as ‘Recreation Center on plat of Brunswick Villa Subdivision prepared by W. N. Gramling, C. E., dated June 3rd, 1943, and owned by the Boys Club of Glynn, said tract being situated approximately 320 ft. east of Wylly Avenue and approximately 145 ft. north of Townsend Street and having access via Johnson and Cate Street.␣ .
County Administrator Harold H. Baer was present to explain the circumstances relating to the subject request. Mr. Baer stated that the County had recently conveyed the property involved to the Boys Club, a non-profit civic organization. Not realizing that the site was not properly zoned for a recreational building, the Boys Club had cleared the land and commenced construction but had been unable to obtain a building permit under the land’s existing R6 Residential classification. In order to assist the Boys Club in this worthwhile community project, Glynn County had initiated the subject rezoning.
The area in question had been designated as a recreation center in the development of the Brunswick Villa Subdivision but had never been developed as such due to its poor drainage and swampy condition. However, under the County’s drainage program this problem had been greatly eliminated and the land is now suitable for use.
After careful study, a motion was made by Mr. McGarvey, seconded by Mr. Johnson and unanimously adopted to recommend approval of the rezoning of the
subject property to FA Forest Agricultural for the following reasons:
1. the property was originally intended for a recreation area; and
2. the service rendered by the Boys Club of Glynn is a needed asset to this community.

Perhaps because the drainage facilities have not been properly maintained, portions of this property are still “swampy.” There are cypress knees in the yard of the adjacent lot we have bought.