On Wander Lust

People who cannot build often destroy. In the late eighties, they even came up with an ideological justification. They called it “creative destruction” and assumed that because creation involves some destruction, they could wreck havoc and something better would automatically take its place, like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Abandoned industrial sites, hazardous waste dumps and deserted towns in the mid-West are evidence that the assumption was wrong. Very likely, the archeological assumptions that ancient ruins were the result of invasion were also wrong. More likely, humans have always gotten bored and moved on to other, riskier climes, rather than being driven out. Being driven out makes a good excuse to explain how come one has arrived at some place new.

On the other hand, man’s proclivity to wander is really annoying. It makes him really hard to control. And yet, wander lust is the least likely lust to be detrimental to others.