POTUS is puzzled.

What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a Homeland Security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into the U.S.?

OK, so intentions are scary because they are invisible. That’s a given. But, there is also the problem that people who exist in an ineffable present do not perceive time as a continuum made up of past, present and future. They don’t get that sequence is important — that it is inappropriate to ban people who haven’t done anything because they might do something. Then there’s the additional problem that people who only intend or mean have no sense of what doing even is. These are the people who got very upset when Obama said “you didn’t build that” because in their minds the intent and the act are one. “You didn’t build that” and “what the meaning of is is” challenge the same conceptual problem — the inability to distinguish fact from fiction, act from intent, expectation from experience.

It is quite likely that some brains do not register experience at all and have no awareness of an environment outside themselves. Plato described them, but I suspect he wasn’t one.

Our consideration of the right to travel is long overdue, especially since automobility is the key to liberty. It’s a natural right, not just for humans but all creatures that can move from place to place on their own.