Cash Cow

Non-governmental U.S. enterprise has always looked upon the governmental sector as a cash cow, a source of income requiring no effort. In the beginning, the income/benefits were composed mainly of land and natural resources to exploit and take to market for a profit. More recently, as much of the continent has been allocated as private property and the federal treasury is the only source of currency, the entrepreneurs are after plain old cash. The view with envy any money that doesn’t flow into their hands.

Perhaps “predator” would be a more accurate translation of entrepreneur. After all, the French word implies that a person just steps in (meddles?) and takes what he wants, a cut. So, that’s basically what the effort to privatize the delivery of education to juveniles and medical services to the aged is about. Entrepreneurs, who are having a hard time persuading the market to take more junk, are targeting the public service economy for profit without labor. Which is why a Cabinet stuffed with do-nothings is entirely consistent.

If the U.S. economy has grown increasingly sluggish, it’s largely because enterprises have been staffed by playboys. Form has won out over function and the scenes being played out on Capitol Hill are evidence. “All talk, no action” has won the day.

It may be time for the resistors to declare a general strike. People who cannot do anything for themselves are particularly vulnerable. Perhaps Melania going shopping is a sign that somebody’s worried about the economic engine (personal consumption) slowing down even more. If people are marching in the street in opposition to the powers that be, they aren’t going shopping, are they?

Sure enough, the velocity of the dollar has slowed even more. Credit unions are continuing to see steady growth and the Treasury’s student loan portfolio has grown to a trillion and a half while the assets of educational and non-profit institutions have shrunk. And Occupy is defunct. Right!