The Preconceived Pres

The word “prejudice” has been turned into a dysphemism. Instead of just referring to information prior to its being evaluated (judged) for accuracy or worth, “prejudice” has acquired an antagonistic stance that is often followed by segregating or exclusionary behavior. Which is why, for an idea whose value or meaning hasn’t been fully determined, I tend to prefer “preconceived notion.”

For people whose primary conduit of information is the sense of sight, notions are what they notice and register for further consideration or not. I think it’s when they are not considered that the notions, being based on superficialities, remain preconceived. Just so, the current resident of the White House presents as a compendium of superficialities with his signature duck tailed comb-over (hiding nascent horns?) and snout-centered visage. And, while the red flag dangling from his neck may be intended to distract, one is tempted to suspect that, like a bull, this dude is animated by the color red.

The dude does “look” presidential in a cartoonish sort of way. How long that will suffice is anybody’s guess. Preconceived notions tend not to survive close inspection. And, after just two weeks, there are a multitude of reasons to suspect the superficialities were grossly misleading. The preconceived President is simply not ready for prime time. There is no emperor in those clothes. He’s an empty suit — hopefully a culmination, not a beginning.