Public v. Private

Private property = exclusive
Public property = inclusive

It’s understandable that the owners of private property might want to keep other people out — i.e. to exclude them. What’s a bit puzzling is why the champions of private property are often so quick to violate other people’s property, regardless of whether it’s public or private. How else to explain all the trash that’s deposited in our yards and on our streets and highways every hour of every day?

It’s almost as if individuals are fair game for having their rights (of privacy and property) violated because their recourse under the law is even less than the public’s. There’s strength in numbers and isolates are easier to abuse.

Which suggests that, just maybe, private property rights are a sucker play — to justify that whatever isn’t tied down or locked up is an invitation to the thieves in our midst.

I did not know Chomsky and the former Greek minister of finance had addressed this issue when I wrote up my take on the issue. However, I suppose it is a matter of shared perspective which results of people coming up with the same perceptions.