Hand-me-downs on the Georgia Coast


This is what the Georgia Department of Emergency Management considers “help” — “donating” a used/excess armored personnel carrier to the Glynn County Police.

The Chief, apparently not aware of the purpose of the common sense caution to “look a gift horse in the mouth” recommends acceptance without so much as a mention of housing, maintenance and repair costs of this hand-me-down.

“The police department needs a personal protection armored/tactical vehicle that will stop high velocity firearms, provide safe transport for a small team of officers to rescue an injured and/or pinned down person during an active shooter/sniper (or similar) event, and will allow safe advancement from one point of cover to another where an armed hostile person is held up. There is no such available vehicle in the immediate area. Officers have put themselves at greater risk when contending with armed subjects in which a vehicle such as this would be used to protect them.
The Georgia Emergency Management Agency through their Excess Property Program has offered to donate a small four wheel drive personnel protective vehicle at no cost. A new vehicle of this nature valued in excess of $100,000.The vehicle is not a military vehicle. It is a vehicle with 1/2 steel-plating to protect personnel inside and outside-it has no firearms. It is similar to armored security company vehicles that transport large sums of money. A picture is seen below.”

Granted, the picture I’m attaching is only similar AND demonstrates how the militarization of our police has a tendency to escalate. Looks like the “Peace Keeper” is the thin edge of the wedge. Such euphemisms tend not to be well-intentioned.