SLEAT communication

Dear Friends of SLEAT:

While it may be somewhat late in the day, it would be helpful, I think, to persuade the Glynn County Commission to pull item 12 from the May 7, 2015 consent agenda and to schedule a more thorough review of the terms and conditions of the proposed Memorandum of Agreement with the Georgia DOT for the removal of some of the dredge material from Andrews Island for utilization in other venues. First of all, one third of the island is actually the property of the Brunswick Glynn Development Authority, which probably accounts for why the MOA refers to “Real Property” without referencing whose that real property is.

  1. The DEPARTMENT hereby agrees to give the COUNTY, its agents, independent contractors, and their employees, access to, over, under, and across the Real Property for the purpose of removing the Dredged Materials located on the Real Property in accordance with and in the quantity specified in the approved Removal Request.     Andrews1

Unless the County’s GIS is all wrong, the Development Authority owns the access to the island.

Meanwhile, Glynn County is assuming all sorts of liabilities in exchange for getting some free contaminated dirt.

  • The COUNTY shall be responsible for obtaining (including funding all fees) and abiding by any and all permits, not required to be obtained by the owner of the Real Property or Dredged Materials, related to the COUNTY’s performance hereunder that may be required from any state or local authority.

And the GDOT is shirking all responsibility, including for the outfall pipe eroding the marsh and dumping putrid waters into the Turtle River.
8648---10-28-14 Andrews island discharge pipe discharging foam and green water