Ga DNR Board Re: Conservation and Waste Disposal + “The Incident”

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Board meeting continues with presentations on wildlife conservation and promoting species diversity in the oceans by dumping military surplus and subway cars. Our state agencies seem to have succumbed to form over function in the interest of catering to man’s baser instincts.

Dear Mr. Woodward:

Adherents of the modern Republican party have been keen to intone that government ought to be “run like a business.” But, while this mantra has lost some of its sheen as a result of rampant and gross business failures in the last several years, the proposition was never honest to begin with. What was actually wanted, and is still the intent, is that public agencies bend over backwards to assist the transfer of public assets into private profit, minimizing the private expense of energy and labor as much as possible. Fact is that many of our businessmen are just plain lazy. That’s what accounts for their frequent failure and that’s what is evident in the SIA request for permission to invade the Sea Island dune field with heavy equipment, instead of transporting their “play structure” piecemeal through the upland area whence it came.

The idea that such laziness should be accommodated is preposterous. However, having attended your presentation to the Department of Natural Resources Board on last Saturday, I can see where your interest in preserving a few hundred feet of dunes on the shore might pale in comparison to the excitement you derive from seeing tanks and subway cars and chicken coops dumped on the ocean floor. Indeed, that discarded play structure might make a nice addition, if SIA would spring for the cost of transport to your staging area in Savannah. But the SIA, in addition to being lazy, is typical of contemporary Republican enterprise in being exceedingly stingy when it comes to disposing of waste. The old Sea Island Nursery on Hamilton Road on St. Simons Island is about as far as they are willing to go.

In case you have only a vague memory of what you actually said as images of dumping into the ocean were shown, please allow me to direct your attention to the video I have posted, in segments, on Youtube. Your presentation is featured in the segment with the star:


Finally, just in case I haven’t been clear, permission to invade the dune field should be denied. Please instruct your subordinates to that effect.