Ga DNR Board Re: More Water Issues

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Board meeting on the coast. Judson Turner, Director of the Environmental Protection Division, discusses water issues, including Aquifer Storage and Recovery. His mantra is that permitting is site-specific without any apparent awareness of the fact that water, like wildlife, does not stay in one place.

Although there was NO provision on the DNR Board and Committee meeting agenda for public comment, Mr. Dave Kyler prepared a short written statement and presented it to the Chairman at the end of the meeting for inclusion. It read:

1. Buffer variances – nearly 1500 variances have been issued since the end of 2006. There has never been any study of the impacts caused by the activities permitted. Review requirements lack detail, and criteria appear to be very subjective. We recommend a thorough study of the admin procedures and impacts of variances.

2. Water is an often debated issue and supply is at a premium, but there are NO requirements for any conservation by the biggest water user in Georgia – power producers. In making power-plant decisions, water is treated as a free commodity, even though the public pays dearly for projects to conserve and manage water, such as reservoir projects. Surely the state should require more efficient cooling methods to be used by power plants, which could save hundreds of millions of gallons daily.

~ David Kyler


Let me just observe that when the agents of government are motivated by a desire to gain compliance from the populace, rather than stewardship for public assets and resources, then they are, per force, going to be doling out rewards and punishments. Compliant persons are rewarded with permission to violate the environment. Complaint is met with resentment.