To hydrate or water board our aquifer

Today’s LTE
0566---12-30-14 Oh,Those Golden Marshes of Glynn (Colonel's Island)
Coastal Georgia’s lowlands are filled with hydric soils, a mixture of sand and clay. They not only love water, these soils need to be kept wet, if they are not to harden and crack and wreck havoc with whatever man might build. But, our characteristic wetlands do even more than provide a stable environment. Wetlands also serve as a nursery for the organisms that populate our oceans, rivers and creeks, many of which we like to eat. And, perhaps even more important, they infuse and recharge the aquifers from which we drink.

Now, in part because decades of draining our wetlands to promote the growth of pine trees for lumber and pulp has depleted those aquifers, along comes a proposal, not to reverse the drainage and rehydrate the soils, but to inject waste water underground, much as if water boarding were a more efficient way of hydrating a man.

It used to be said that the solution to pollution is dilution. Now that we know diluted pollution merely kills off the lower end of the food chain, Mother Nature, having proved non-compliant, has got to be coerced. Right. “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature,” so let’s use force.