Thinking on the EPA

The EPA represents double trouble for our self-centered instinct-driven population. First, it challenges the notion/belief that man is the center of the universe and all the rest of creation exists to serve his purposes — a challenge to what the Bible promises. Secondly, it expects the self-centered, whose awareness of self is minimal to non-existent, to be aware of their surroundings as independent and significant forces. The EPA expects people lacking in self-awareness to be aware of something outside of themselves, neither of which they are capable of perceiving. Might as well expect a color-blind person to see red.

I have personally been dismissive of the EPA because I’ve concluded that “protection” is a racket and the focus on the victim, rather than the agents of pollution, is misplaced and ineffective. However, it’s not necessrily a matter of mal-intent. Since the clueless perpetrators of pollution have proved impervious to change, it seems logical to concentrate on their victims. But, the real solution lies in restraint. It is possible to halt the behavior of malefactors by placing them in restraints. Nattering alone won’t do it.