The Greatest No-Show on Earth.

That would be, in my estimation, the Washington/Wall Street scam — a shell game whose aim is to make money disappear or appear to be scarce in order to scam the rubes of what’s rightly theirs. Because, the U.S. dollar IS ours. Every last one of them belongs to the citizens of the U.S. in whose name it is issued and whose credit-worthiness (believability) is on the line. The denizens of Capitol Hill are merely its stewards, who, instead of managing the currency with prudence, have handed it over to the clowns and jugglers and tight-rope walkers on Wall Street. Why did they do that? To reserve the use for themselves and to discomfit the electorate.

The scammmer is always motivated by disrespect for his mark. Deprivation is his object; not an ancillary result of getting something the schemer wants. One could say it is “pure” greed, fueled by jealousy, not the desire to acquire what someone else has — a desire that sharing could satisfy, since nobody wants something all the time. No, deprivation is different. Immaterial. And, being immaterial makes its marriage with money ideal — almost imperceptible. That’s why financial fraud is so hard to prove and prosecute. It’s worthless stuff and we can always make more.