Yearly Archives: 2011

The annoyance that is Robert Reich


The video introducing Robert Reich’s latest sycophantic offering would still be annoying, even if he were making the point that the public IS a nuisance to a ruling elite that’s not used to having its authority challenged. Robert Reich always annoys me. I think it’s because he latches on to the social issue du jour and presents it as his own. Not to mention that he’s been riding his tenure as Secretary of Labor during the Clinton administration at the head of any parade he can find, as if he’d had made an iota of difference in the downward slide of the 99%.

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Gov. Scott Walker–a case study in abuse and deception

Madison – Gov. Scott Walker announced a plan Wednesday to lift the enrollment cap on a state long-term care program – a move he made two weeks after federal authorities told his administration it had to take that step.

Walker touted the $80 million plan with advocates for the elderly and disabled at a Capitol news conference, but he made no mention of a recent order from the federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services, or CMS, directing his administration to lift the cap in the Family Care program.

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The Impulse to Segregate and Exclude

Knows no boundaries. Sometimes it seems deities exist for no purpose but to justify man’s inhumanity to his fellow man. Orthodox Jews in Israel differ little from our conservatives, depriving females of their rights so the males can dominate without having to exercise control over themselves. They call themselves healthy persons–people who become sexually aroused looking at a woman and think the woman should make herself invisible.

Talk about making virtue out of viciousness!

The separation of church and state isn’t designed to protect the church; it’s designed to protect the secular state from irrational religious beliefs.

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Indirection and ulterior motives.

I think I can be quite confident in concluding that conservatives operate by indirection to attain ulterior motives. What I don’t know is whether they do it on purpose or indirection is just a natural consequence of the bilateral world view. If there are only two alternatives to every thing, then the destruction of one inevitably promotes the other and where force is applied doesn’t really matter. Targeting the unintended target may well be the safer option.

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Direct Democracy and Direct Action. Those are the goals. They should be contrasted with the conservative reliance on ulterior motives. Conservatives are never direct about their objectives. It’s not just because their objectives, if admitted, would likely be rejected. It’s more because ulterior motives are consistent with their lack of awareness of the self. Conservatives do not know what they want. So, of course, they can’t go for it. Conservatives only know what they don’t want–i.e. not to feel impotent. They want to feel empowered–by someone else. Which means that people who subscribe to individualism are actually entirely dependent on subjugating others to make themselves feel important. It’s a schizophrenic situation.

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Why does Romney get away with lying about Obama?

Mostly, it’s because the press, the entity we rely on to call him out as an objective third party, has a soft spot for people doing what they routinely do themselves. When Romney makes unsubstantiated and unsourced claims about the President, he’s just doing what lazy journalists, reporting gossip as fact, routinely do. The press makes stuff up and the failure to refute turns into a verification. Romney propagating a story line is just doing half their job for them. Not to mention that everybody likes the notoriety that comes with being imitated. Reporters and politicians aping each other’s behavior are a mutual-admiration society even as they pretend to be feuding like Maggie and Jiggs.

Conservatives seem to consider gossip as evidence of being interested in other people. It’s what passes as being sociable in the self-centered mind, where being ignored is considered an insult.