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Segregation Rears Its Ugly Head

That’s a really depressing thought. Because, although indistinct and shrouded in the fog of history like some Loch Ness monster, that head represents a gigantic, swelling unseen force that aims to destroy the body politic. Moreover, it’s a force that dare not say its name. Rather, it appears disguised as reasonable opposition towards socialism, illegal aliens, gay marriage, single mothers, big government and crime.

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Security Schmecurity

Why should I care? Since I haven’t ever been on a commercial flight and don’t plan to take one soon, why should I care that the Transport Security Agency is totally incompetent and obviously designed to let Americans know that their right to travel is liable to being eliminated at any time? Because, like many of out other human rights, the right to travel (I mean what else would creatures with automobility and two good feet want to do?) is merely implied in our Constitution and, therefor, liable to being ignored or violated at the drop of a hat, or some irritating comment. And because the current regime is wasting everyone’s time to no good purpose. Which is probably the greater offense.

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Not an Illusion

When crooks make off with other people’s money, it’s not a matter of victims being disillusioned. The reporter of this story from Russia probably didn’t mean to suggest that people who had deposited their savings in a bank were under an illusion that it would be safe. He’s just following the common pattern of defining events in terms of someone’s intent–in this case, the prudent savers–rather than what someone actually did.

Some people are crooks. They think that if people are stupid enough to trust them with their money, they deserve to lose it. That’s why we need government; to deal with the crooks.

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The Constitution as Cook Book

Now, I understand that some people use cook books as a sort of spring-board for being creative in the kitchen. But, as someone who had to rely on cook books to produce edible fare (some ethnic cuisines are unpalatable regardless of how long you’re exposed to them) and who, for some reason, still can’t remember the ingredients after some fifty plus years in the kitchen, I’d like to suggest that it might be useful to consider the Constitution as akin to a cook book.

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Another declassified torture memo

The justification of torture seems to be based on two perversions. The first involves the substitution of prohibitions, which usually govern individual behavior, for the permissions which presumably govern the behavior of the agents of government. In other words, their behavior is being judged as if it were performed by individuals, even as the standards of authority are applied.

The second perversion involves the interpretation of several amendments to the Constitution as the source of individual rights, rather than as re-enforcements of prohibitions and limitations on the behavior of governmental agents.


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Anticipatory Warfare–Gift of the Mafia?

When George Herbert Walker Bush famously announced the New World Order, I naively thought he meant that from then on, January 1991, the nations of the globe would purchase and pay for what they wanted from others, rather than attempt to take them by force. The Saddam Husseins of the world were to be taught that lesson and no more would the invasion of another country be countenanced.

Much later, when Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense for Bush the Younger, addressed Congress, it became clear that what was meant was that from now on instead of Old Europe, the New World, and, specifically, the behemoth sitting astride the North American continent, would be giving the orders and the nations of the world would have to do what they were told.

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Air Force–Assassins and Sundries

Every now and then it seems advisable to check in on our United States Air Force, currently being directed by Michael B. Donley in his second tour as Secretary, having been approved by the Senate on October 2, 2008 after the prior Secretary was canned by Robert Gates.

No doubt, Secretary Donley is not responsible for the continuing turmoil nor the persistent aspirations to grandeur.

Air Force Seeks More Air Space Over Eastern Nevada

Posted: Dec 22, 2008 01:07 PM

Environmental groups are opposing an Air Force proposal to extend a supersonic operations area by 1.6 million acres in eastern Nevada….

Opponents say operations would jump from about 400 flights per year to as many as 9,500….

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