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Talking about male hegemony without knowing it

So, men who are not infected with male hegemony, do not recognize it any more than women do. Why? Because male hegemony is an irrational instinct-driven attitude which simply does not register with normal people. Why would you want to be supreme is not a question; it is an expression of puzzlement. Sort of like “why would you want to be a kangaroo”?
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American Trajectory to Tragedy


Now the question is was it inevitable and is it salvageable. I would argue yes, if the culture can embrace reality and sideline the idealists. The American Fiction in support of male hegemony cannot survive. Males need to be contained, to be house bound.


Colbert had a skit about leading to a reduction in brain function.
I just went to check the cookie tin and there are not even any crumbs. But, it’s my fault because I keep baking them. That, my dears, is how logiv works.


Leaders are individuals whom others get behind and shove over the edge of the cliff.

Beware the “ships” that aren’t. Ownership, fellowship, professorship, partisanship, lectureship, apprenticeship, scholarship, censorship, worship, membership and hardship.