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Why we do not understand concrete thinkers.

Concrete thinkers do not use adjectives and adverbs as modifiers of the associated word. Rather, the adjunct is considered to be equal to and in opposition to the noun or verb. Thus, for example, “affordable housing” does nor mean what it seems to say. Rather, if affordability is a concern, then housing is out of the question and vice versa. In a sense, the parts of a compound phrase, when employed by a concrete thinker, cancel each other out. So, there is much ado about nothing, which is how they like it.

Of course, being a contrarian, I could argue that this perception is perfectly applicable to the phrase “happy birthday.”


If so many people are fixated on persons about whom they gossip almost endlessly, how come so many persons find it necessary to attract attention to themselves with outrageous garb, decorations and behavior?
See the real me which I am hiding.

Kavanaugh the Avatar

Brett Kavanaugh is the quintessential hollow man, an avatar for the Reversocrats.
Democrats v. Reversocrats
Generous v. Stingy
Inclusive v. Exclusive
Social v. Solitary
Open v. Hiden
Converse v. Contest

Is it perverse or an accident of nature?

“Get your preposition right”

And then, this orange apparition had the nerve to say she worked for him. You lugubrious leach! You doppelgänger of deceit and deviance! You lethal liar! You dimwitted dictator! You foolish fascist! She ain’t work for you. She worked above you! She worked beyond you! Get your preposition right! Then he got the nerve to say he goin’ grab it.

That ain’t what Aretha Franklin said. “I’m gonna give you something you can feel.” Like the brothers in the streets say, “Tap lightly. Like a woodpecker with a headache.” So don’t you sully the memory of our great Queen. Aretha Franklin was an original. Never one like her before. Never another like her afterwards.

Taking the intent for the act, the idea for the fact

It has been obvious for a long time that some people are quite content to intend and never act. They get an idea and seem to think that is the end of it.
I used to think they were just lazy, but it occurred to me today that these folk do not act because reality is not something they even perceive. It is not a matter of the blind leading the blind. Indeed, if the blind man’s tactile sense is intact, he’s likely to be able to navigate quite well by maintaining contact with the tangible environment. But, our idealists seem to be people who do not even realize that the tangible real world even exists. They, at most, wander through it, as in a fog.
This might explain how a candidate for public office is content to participate in electronic events, without realizing that’s not a real experience.
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