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How to handle a crook.

Remember the guy some people wanted to have a beer with? He was able to figure out that the White House is a prison and told ‘em about it.

So, what did those people do when confronted with a crook? They sent him to prison.

Since time is not of the essence for the base, they simply sentenced the crook BEFORE all the crimes were exposed.

Besides, putting the cart before the horse keeps the horse from running away.

Every Empty Suit a King

Thoughts on the rationale for borrowing dollars from China.

Letting hoarders lend us dollars for an additional profit instead of reqiring them to be sent back for counting and redistribution is how Congress rewards hoarders, regardless of national origin, because this hoarding gives them an excuse for why the are not providing for the general welfare. Also, hoarding worthless currency supports the illusion of superiority to which many people aspire. Hoarding lots of dollars also supports the illusion that anyone can grow up to be a king.

Why we do not understand concrete thinkers.

Concrete thinkers do not use adjectives and adverbs as modifiers of the associated word. Rather, the adjunct is considered to be equal to and in opposition to the noun or verb. Thus, for example, “affordable housing” does nor mean what it seems to say. Rather, if affordability is a concern, then housing is out of the question and vice versa. In a sense, the parts of a compound phrase, when employed by a concrete thinker, cancel each other out. So, there is much ado about nothing, which is how they like it.

Of course, being a contrarian, I could argue that this perception is perfectly applicable to the phrase “happy birthday.”