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Colbert had a skit about leading to a reduction in brain function.
I just went to check the cookie tin and there are not even any crumbs. But, it’s my fault because I keep baking them. That, my dears, is how logiv works.


Leaders are individuals whom others get behind and shove over the edge of the cliff.

Beware the “ships” that aren’t. Ownership, fellowship, professorship, partisanship, lectureship, apprenticeship, scholarship, censorship, worship, membership and hardship.

Hey hey Rise up

I went to severdonetsk on Google Earth. There is no street view, but on one street someone had uploaded lots of images. I picked one. It was of an urban street with large building sporting window air conditioners. The photographer was identified as Anatoly Sverdlov.He’s on Facebook and he’s featuring this video of/with Pink Floyd.