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Donald Trump is not a cannibal

That is the best Stewart and Colbert could say about the Dude.
I want to note that I have been making the point that capitalism is nothing but virtual cannibalism.

The reason the Dude is not a cannibal, is because he is a failure. If he weren’t being sustained by a host of parasites, he would already be dead.

A plethora of poobahs

Yes, that’s what we have here in Glynn County. Our latest addition to the County Commission is a former surgeon, used to working with professionals and not taking orders from the patients. LOL

Persons or Principles

It seems that some people are oblivious to everything but the persons in their environment. They cannot resist interacting. Perhaps that’s the opposite of the autistic person that’s focused on the self.
Perhaps there are gradients of awareness. The self-centered, the self-aware, the situationally aware, the oblivious, the other-fixated. The automatronic president is oblivious.

On Fake News

Remember when George W. Bush arrogated John Kerry’s pride in his war record? The Swiftboat Veterans, originally organized on behalf of John McCain, called Kerry’s military medals into question and virtually destroyed what he considered a personal strength for the duration of the 2004 election season. That was an example of the politics of personal destruction. Its purpose, in that case, was to destroy military service as an asset for public office, for the simple reason that George W. Bush had none. His performance as Commander-in-chief was nothing to brag about, either.

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All hat

“All hat, no cattle” was, of course, the brief against George W. Bush, whose cowboy schtick was just for show. “All talk, no action” might be considered a variant. However, for the instinct-driven, whose fascination with appearance should be legend, talk, or chit-chat, seems to be the preferred alternative. If it’s talk v. task, the task is way last. That, I would argue, is what accounts for the denizens of the White House being so easily punked by fake messages. Seems like avery contact is first and foremost an opportunity for schmoozing. If they were focused on doing work, they wouldn’t be so easily tricked.


Here’s a puzzle. Why do the instinct-driven, who rely primarily on superficial optics (what things look like, appearances) as their sole source of information, ignore the written word?
Is there a significant difference between pictures and symbols?
Is there a failure to translate?

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