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I do not want my account to be secure.
I do not want to be told what to do
And certainly not by a Yahoo.

A security blanket is not a normal.

Commerce as the key to salvation?

Is saving souls and saving money supposed to be the same process? Yes, the Roman Catholic Church used to sell indulgenses–get out of hell free cards. Ha, ha, ha.

Something for nothing. Salvation via the collection plate.

Amazon has problems

Greetings from

You’ve written to an e-mail address that cannot accept incoming e-mail.

Except, it did AND sent a response. It just did not address the content of the message. No surprise. There is no answer.

Subject: Re: LOFBAZ Harem Pants

You people need to get your act together. You’d think that after something was purchased the customer’s cart would be emptied. But no, putting a measly pair of pants in the cart tells me I now owe over three hundred bucks and there is no way to empty the cart. The ONLY advantage Amazon has is saving time. If you are now going to waste it, you’re done. Time is the only limited asset everyone has.