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Drama Queens

Now I know the cause of the war on drag queens. They’re perceived as compatition by the drama queens, who parade around in their tricoloe button down gabr.

Trump Indictment in Florida.


Trump, the ham got indicted in Florida for stealing paper. Florida will be much easier to hold a trial.

Smith is going for speedy trial. In the federal system that means 70 days from indictment.

I actually have some sympathy for Poor Donald. Hr got tricked into a harness like one of those show horses who are supposed to prefer showing off to running wild.

Lawyerly Complicity

To what extent have lawyers been complicit in promoting frivolous and capricious law making? It seems obvious that every poorly drafted piece of legislation spells more revenue for lawyers. And, the supposed ethical code is a total farce, Continue reading


When first encountered on a political blog, the acronym was puzzling because the poster obviously attached special value to the described position. A POTUS is eminently more powerful (potent) than a chief executive. Or, that is what the poster seemed to believe. A Barack Obama or Joe Biden would not qualify.
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From the American to the Impossble

Donald Trump was much taken with Jim Nabors’ rendition of this song in about 1967. It le him see himself as a star. I’ve long said that Donald Trump is media made. Perhaps it would be bettor to say he absorbed American culture from the electronic media, like a sponge. The result is a stinking mess.

The only question now is when he will be discarded. While his performance at St. Anselm’s College was gross and disgusting, I suspect the laughter ofthe crowd was more akin to the laughter of the crowd at a lynching. It is not even likely that abusive males will appreciate having their bad habits exposed.

I would note that the American Dream is not only impossible, but a gross deception.

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