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Which is a more potent force when it comes to the electorate: male admiration for a sexual predator or female disgust with such behavior?
How many women look at Trump and think “better her than me”?

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Donald, the male hegemonist supreme

Nationalists are just male hegemonists who have substituted a secular immaterial concept for an immaterial deity. ‘Tis all a male fantasy.

But, unlike the original savior, this one is running scared as the end draws nigh.

The Quest for Power

The quest for power arises from a sense of impotence, which is either endemic or culturally imposed. Regardless the etiology, impotence seems more prevalent among males. Ergo the impulse towards male hegemony.
What makes this quest so fruitless is not just that it is never satisfied, but it has no object. Flicking a light switch has more influence.
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