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Enter the Clowns

Apparently, some celebrity hounds discriminate as to the kind of notoriety they seek. Putin is reputed not to appreciate the face paint and the artist has been sent to psychiatric care.
Perhaps he’s got a point. Being defaced is tantamount to being destroyed when appearance is all you’ve got.


How come people directed by superficial optics talk so much. It’s like “in one eye and out the mouth.” No processing involved.

Thought for the day

Hocus pocus –> bogus potus

Hocus pocus is a mutation of “hic est corpus,” the Latin phrase that signals transsubstantiation. Which isn’t all that much of a mystery, if time is taken into account.
The bogus potus wasn’t created in a day, either.

Faith and Values

Our local paper has a “Faith and Values” section. It comes out mainly on Saturdays and contains church news and foreclosure notices. The irony of the juxtaposition likely escapes the publishers.