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Donald Trump is not a cannibal

That is the best Stewart and Colbert could say about the Dude.
I want to note that I have been making the point that capitalism is nothing but virtual cannibalism.

The reason the Dude is not a cannibal, is because he is a failure. If he weren’t being sustained by a host of parasites, he would already be dead.

A plethora of poobahs

Yes, that’s what we have here in Glynn County. Our latest addition to the County Commission is a former surgeon, used to working with professionals and not taking orders from the patients. LOL

Persons or Principles

It seems that some people are oblivious to everything but the persons in their environment. They cannot resist interacting. Perhaps that’s the opposite of the autistic person that’s focused on the self.
Perhaps there are gradients of awareness. The self-centered, the self-aware, the situationally aware, the oblivious, the other-fixated. The automatronic president is oblivious.