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Puddy’s World

I had forgotten this video. The system has added ads on the Youtube site, but they do not show up here. The code includes the whole playlist.

Contest vs. Competition

How did competition, the mutual striving for a common goal, devolve into a contest or conflict between individuals? It is not a new question, but pervasive. Is it just a matter of the word “contest” being simpler? Or is it a components of the fixation on persons, rather than function for the simple reason that function is hard to see?
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Fascinated Nation

Is a fascinated nation the same as a fascist nation? Not necessarily. However, it strikes me as passing strange that the dictionary definition is self-referential, as if the psychological stricture were not recognized. Even strager is the suggestion that one might want to know the word in Urdu. Are we to conclude that the perception of enchantment has a peculiar geographic link. You know, sort of like the Carpathians are home to vampires like Count Dracula.

Getting rid of paper work

A stack of studies representing decades of plans for coastal Georgia to no practical effect. The tides move in and the tides move out, leave what they like and take what they want.



When my great-grandfather returned home to Louisiana after the War of Northern  Aggression, he started a family and the family business that still bears his name: H. J. Smith & Son. If you don’t believe me, you can Google it.
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