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Time is of the essence of the law.

Time is of the essence. Sequence counts. It is true that THIS indictment does not charge collusion, which is not a crime anyway (conspiracy and co-operation are), but there are many more to follow. There is a hint of witting and witness co-conspirators. In the end, while my ilk might be content to dismiss the dude as too stupid to be a crook, he’ll probably prefer crooked to dumb. Pride goeth before the fall.
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Everybody likes a scandal

So, the gist of this video is that one of Putin’s Deputies, Sergey Eduardovich Prikhodko, who has been a second banana in Russia for decades, vacationed with Deripaska on a yacht in the sea near Norway and was entertained by a bevy of escorts, one of whom fictionalized the adventure and let slip that political matters were being discussed.
Manafort -> Deripaska -> Prikhodko -> Putin
Maybe deception is like a cancer. Just grows and grows and grows.
Get out the popcorn.

Scared shirtless.

The Dude in the White House is scared shirtless.
Not only does he have a thing about the housekeeper
picking his shirt up off the floor, but you just know that, unlike Putin on his horse, the Dude Isn’t going shirtless out the door.
Shiftless and shirtless, oh my! No Lady Godiva he.

The Church of Putin

The line between adulation and antagonism has always been thin. It has been obvious for some decades that the antagonism towards “godless communism” on the part of Republican royalists was mainly prompted by the omission of a Supreme Being to blame for obvious human failures. That has now been corrected by Putin’s elevation of the Orthodox Church to his right hand, if only to balance Satan on his left.
Superiority, the essence of godliness.