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MMT Rising

James K.Galbraith sounds downright optimistic. Now that we have had a second distribution from the Treasury, MMT is being validated daily. He is probably right that the attitude towards Kelton is an example of disfemism. “Let us dismiss everything that women do.” Why? Because, you know, they do not really mind. They’re about results, not plaudits.

What is “illicit trade?”

Is it transactions that are not protected and/or regulated by legislation, or are the goods and services being exchanged somehow harmful to recipients or consumers? Contaminated food stuffs might be an example of the latter. But, most commonly and globally “illicit” is a charge levied against individual traders who have failed to get someone’s permission or authorization.
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Why no second relief package?

Congress has rationed the distribution of currency to maintain themselves in office by pretending that the circulation of money is the responsibility of the Federal Reserve and its subordinate banks.  What the distribution of 2008 to counter the crash as well as the current relief efforts demonstrated is that Congress is in charge of the Treasury and can disburse currency as needed at will. Continue reading


So, the Financial Times has now discovered a codependency between poor Donald and the stock market which “widened the gap between traders and the real economy.” Recognizing that the gambling on Wall Street does nothing to help the real economy is a start. Why they ever trusted a failed casino manager is a puzzlement.
Yellen at Treasury is a good choice. Time to put finances in the hands of women. Men tend to let affiliation get in the way.

Media adjustment

So, after trying and failing to negotiate a new protocol that Verizon wanted to spring on its month-to-month customers, I let the account lapse in July. Turned it on just to see what would happen today. Tried to make a phone call. Immediately, I got connected to Verizon, which provided a sort of apology and then managed to process my payment to reactivate the phone in about five steps. Last month they tried to tell me they would no longer accept credit card payments online. Blamed it on the virus. LOL