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Media adjustment

So, after trying and failing to negotiate a new protocol that Verizon wanted to spring on its month-to-month customers, I let the account lapse in July. Turned it on just to see what would happen today. Tried to make a phone call. Immediately, I got connected to Verizon, which provided a sort of apology and then managed to process my payment to reactivate the phone in about five steps. Last month they tried to tell me they would no longer accept credit card payments online. Blamed it on the virus. LOL


I have some.
It seems that talkers consider a kindness or charitable boon to be an invitation to talk. That it might be prompted by a desire to shut them up does not occur. So, what’s to be done? Does one have to be blunt and announce “I do not want to be your friend?”

Requests for money masquerading as interest surveys are beyond annoying. They seem to be this year’s campaign consultant innovation. Not a dime.

How many activities are we going to discover do not actually need to be mediated by currency? Why was eleemosynary enteprise monetized?

On Currency

What the states and local governments are missing is not labor or materials, but currency. Currency is a utility. Depriving states of a necessary supply by rationing the distribution and rewarding hoarders is like expecting people to work in the dark.
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