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More on Money

When money was made out of a relatively rare mineral, gold, it seemed practical and reasonable to shut the stuff away in vaults and issue IOUs instead. That is how the Dutch gained control over Britain’s industrial development by hoarding the gold Spain stole from the Americas. Then, after a goodly amount of time, it became obvious that if people credited the certificates, if the issuers proved reliable, then keeping the mineral stash was an essentially useless enterprise. Richard Nixon terminated it officially in 1972. The dollar was liberated from artificial ties to gold and the banksters suddenly realized they needed limits on how many coursed through the economy, if they were going to continue demanding a “cut” for lending the currency (they get for free from the Treasury) out. So, the bankers recruited the assistance of Capitol Hill to limit annual disbursements to whatever had been collected as revenue the prior year. Any excess disbursements have to be borrowed from the banksters and their friends, the hoarders. So, that is the unholy alliance between the capitalists and the denizens of Capitol Hill. If it is all shrouded in a fog, remember that until fairly recently talk about money was considered tabu. In my youth women were not allowed to have any, unless some male relative, father or spouse, approved. Fifty years ago a car salesman would not show me a car unless I brought my husband along. Having been raisedy a single-parent- by-choice, much about American culture came as a surprise. The theory is grand, but the reality comes up short.
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Why the Georgia coast and marshes are not being protected.

The first reason is that the official bodies charged with protection, the Shore Protection Committee (SPC) and the Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee (CMPC) are being serviced by the staff of the Coastal Resources Division (CRD) of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the CRD is the marketing arm of the DNR. That is, their mission is to promote industry and commerce. Which is why they issue permissions such as the following:

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Anschutz’ Folly

Why is the state of Georgia letting an Anschutz corporation, headquartered in arid Colorado, litter our Atlantic shore with granite rubble and disrupt the surf with yet another rock pile, aka groin? Is it because anyone willing to waste money in Georgia is welcome? Are we that hard up?

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Every Empty Suit a King

Thoughts on the rationale for borrowing dollars from China.

Letting hoarders lend us dollars for an additional profit instead of reqiring them to be sent back for counting and redistribution is how Congress rewards hoarders, regardless of national origin, because this hoarding gives them an excuse for why the are not providing for the general welfare. Also, hoarding worthless currency supports the illusion of superiority to which many people aspire. Hoarding lots of dollars also supports the illusion that anyone can grow up to be a king.

The Property Rights Delusion

In the beginning, when the U.S. Constitution was composed, it made sense to let property rights trump human or personal rights. After all, if humans were to continue to be bought and sold, then their rights as property would be equally, if not more protective, than the rights of the individual person for whose welfare the agents of the federation was supposed to provide.

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Why we do not understand concrete thinkers.

Concrete thinkers do not use adjectives and adverbs as modifiers of the associated word. Rather, the adjunct is considered to be equal to and in opposition to the noun or verb. Thus, for example, “affordable housing” does nor mean what it seems to say. Rather, if affordability is a concern, then housing is out of the question and vice versa. In a sense, the parts of a compound phrase, when employed by a concrete thinker, cancel each other out. So, there is much ado about nothing, which is how they like it.

Of course, being a contrarian, I could argue that this perception is perfectly applicable to the phrase “happy birthday.”

Oystering in the Marshes of Glynn

Can there be any better evidence than this report about the Georgia Department of Natural Resources organizing an oyster industry in the marshes of the state to attest to the fact that Georgia is a socialist state? Not that there is anything wrong with socialism.
Indeed, the only thing wrong with this story is giving the Representative a platform for something he has not accomplished and ignoring the strong possibility that looking after the seafood industry in the State House will be the responsibility of Jordan and King in 2019.