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Draft LTEs, a compendium

The Brunswick News is rather more selective than the New York Times. The paper prominently features a request for letters but doesn’t publish them on but a couple of days a week out of the six. So, I’ll post them here.
Addendum: The Brunswick News has revised its letters policy and has been publishing many more, including mine. (06-18-16)

Two back-to-back presentations by a Dr. Wickersham and Sheriff Jump to the Glynn County Commission on Tuesday made that pretty clear.
Wickersham’s Health Needs Assessment brought forward as evidence that half our children live in single-parent homes, an almost certain predicate for poverty conditions, a hundred and fifty of them a year suffer serious abuse or neglect and, while car crashes and fatalities are decreasing, injuries are way more than in the rest of the country.
Glynn also has some of the worst air, an inordinate number of prescriptions for controlled substances (1.29 for each of our 81,000 residents), and double the violent crime rate in the rest of the state (800 per 100,000 people). Not to mention 155 registered sex offenders having to be tracked. So, the Sheriff has reason to ask for nine more detention personnel to staff his new jail, a facility that’s three times as large as the present one. And who’s to argue with the assertion that 173 violent incidents a year (one every two days) have to be contained, or that the prisoners aren’t entitled to the services of a doctor, a dentist, a psychiatrist and 24 hour nursing that, because of the community’s sense of penury, they can’t get outside.
Half the population not being seen by a doctor in two years and Medicaid dollars being refused are not going to negate the effect of 14 hazardous waste sites and 1.3 million pounds of toxic chemicals being spewed. There are reasons Glynn people are unhealthy and dying off prematurely.

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On immigration.

This is personal. As a child, whose life was determined by an irresponsible migrant, I resent the additional intentional disruption being visited on the foreign born in violation of the Constitution. That, from the very beginning, the Constitution considered it proper to declare some humans to be properly owned by others does not make this behavior just.
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Puddy’s Playground

Most likely, this is Puddy’s Playground in the Woodridge neighborhood, in Durham, N.H., on a parcel he acquired on St. Valentine’s Day in 2013, the same day I, 1200 miles away, was purchasing 12 acres we now call Hannah’s Marsh.
Puddy’s Playground is being maintained by a young man who helped “build” the paths and site the boulders around a pond. The neighbors report that when there is not so much snow, they clear the ice for skating.

Praise the Lord

When I was nine years old, I was sent to a non-denominational Christian boarding school which transported the children to a different church each Sunday. One evening we were even sent to some sort of “revival” in a tent where the children were exhorted to “take Jesus as their Savior.”
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So, I was randomly checking my bookmarks in the chrome browser and ran across a link to the Trump campaign expenditure report for July 2016 in which more than $1.6 million for Giles Parscale showed up. Further up the list there is a payout to ACE Specialties, a woman-owned Louisiana firm that has the exclusive contract for distributing Trump gear, especially the red hats.
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