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Puddy’s Playground

Most likely, this is Puddy’s Playground in the Woodridge neighborhood, in Durham, N.H., on a parcel he acquired on St. Valentine’s Day in 2013, the same day I, 1200 miles away, was purchasing 12 acres we now call Hannah’s Marsh.
Puddy’s Playground is being maintained by a young man who helped “build” the paths and site the boulders around a pond. The neighbors report that when there is not so much snow, they clear the ice for skating.

Praise the Lord

When I was nine years old, I was sent to a non-denominational Christian boarding school which transported the children to a different church each Sunday. One evening we were even sent to some sort of “revival” in a tent where the children were exhorted to “take Jesus as their Savior.”
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So, I was randomly checking my bookmarks in the chrome browser and ran across a link to the Trump campaign expenditure report for July 2016 in which more than $1.6 million for Giles Parscale showed up. Further up the list there is a payout to ACE Specialties, a woman-owned Louisiana firm that has the exclusive contract for distributing Trump gear, especially the red hats.
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He Stole My Time

So, the story began about two decades ago when, after a majority of my upper teeth had absented themselves, I determined to have the rest extracted and a prosthetic device installed. The dentist wasted no time, pulled the teeth, made an imprint and within about a week I was fitted with a device that serves me still.
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