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Attention Span

Now in my 79th year I find that many things just go on too long. An hour long video about the Queen of England proved tedious after about 15 minutes. A whole New Yorker article just cannot be read. I keep feeling like I am running out of time.

In three weeks we will vote to right the Senate.

I was educated by nuns.

First there was the French order, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Victoir. After that the Ursulines, a cloistered order that practiced silence except for instruction and the reading of scripture. And finally I chose the Sisters of Charity, an order founded by a married woman with children, for my college education. Perhaps that is why the subservient Amy Coney Barrett is so offensive. What self-respecting woman would accept a job from an imbecile?

I have a problem

The fixation on personal relationships really turns me off. It is impossible to discuss practical matters with people intent on killing (or idolizing) the messenger. Poor Donald loves being a beloved messenger to people who have no interest in his message—only that he’s talking to them.
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A topical theme seems to be how people have spent the pandemic, so far. For a homebody like me, the routine has hardly changed, except that I spend almost no time in the car going to meetings. That suitsme fine,but I do worry whether the car will start when I actually need it.
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Nose Notes

So, I have been dismissed for five months, enough time for the body to replace the grafted skin with site-appropriate cells. I’m to massage it to prevent puckering. LOL “Don’t touch your nose. Touch your nose.” Consistency is not a feature of the medical profession.
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A bit of history

I’ve been meaning to write it down. Last summer, early August, perhaps, I came down with a gastro-intestinal bug. Lots of diarrea, an episode of chills that was followed by an AFib event, coughing and shortness of breath. Having looked on the internet, I concluded that perhaps a visit to the doctor was in order. Also, I’d had one of those aching right arm events, which usually goes away when I take a deep breath. So, I went to the walk-in clinic on the island where the doctor on call took blood pressure and heart rate and decided I needed to visit a cardiologist on the mainland. The clinic made an appointment for the next day.
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Trapped at Sea

The Brunswick News story about a couple from Saint Simons who took a cruise on March 7th around the tip of South America to Valparaiso and then the Holland American Liner, Zaandam, was not permitted to dock because of COVID-19 on board and four dead people in the shipboard morgue, reminds me.
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