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Religion in America

Religion is not the opiate of the people. That’s a condescending charge, alleging that people desensitize themselves. At least here in the U.S. religion serves as a disguise behind which people hide their real intent. Does that make them all liars? Not really. Liars deceive in order to injure the lied to; Americans lie to protect themselves. I think that in German I would call them bauern schlau. It is a characteristic behavior that I found familiar in the behavior of the shep herders of Iraq in el Anbar province. I suppose naive Americans associated it with wily coyote. Yes, “wily” is probably a good translation of “schlau.”

The Hörpfing farmer’s wife was schlau in trading her milk and eggs for fabrics and furs she hid under her high bed. I wonder how much I learned in those four early years. It was in another language that I have nor spoken since.

Then and now

When I was very little, my assignment was to let the hen with chicks out of the coop where they had spent the night. It was a bit daunting because the anxious hen would fly at the door in anticipation of being released. So, the opening of the screen door had to be timed to avoid a collision with the bird at eye-level.
Now, in my old age, I go out to fill the feeder with bird seed and strew fish food on the pond for the waiting snapping turtle. I wish he’d develop a taste for the Mexican water lilies clogging the center of the pond. Whatever devoured the white ones does not seem to like the yellow.

Desegregation in Maryland

I finally entered the right search topic in Google and found some historical evidence of what I experienced personally on our senior class trip in 1958.

As a school girl in the Bronx, I was, of course, familiar with the United Nations and considered that my multilingual talents would fit me for diplomatic work. A class trip to the nation’s capital was not to be missed. And never forgotten! Because, as we bussed down highway 40, it was explained that we would not be able to take a rest stop in Maryland on account of one of our classmates being dark complected. That was my introduction racial segregation in the USA of which I had had no clue. My reaction then was “well, that won’t last long, what with all the UN diplomats driving back and forth.”

I had no clue about CORE and in the years since I have noticed little effort to record how the change was brought about. A recent BBC report claims the events are little known.

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Authoritarian disaffection

It’s not just Christians that restrict women. Islam is an “improvement” of christianity. Which may account for why they prefer women to be veiled and never let out of the house alone. But, woman is an unmentionable. Since every man is born of woman, it would be unseemly to mention the disaffection. Ah, perhaps ‘disaffection’ is a better word than disfemism. ‘Authoritarian disaffection’ How’s that for a description of what the supremacists are about?
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The Spouse

The spouse needs to feel connected and caring at the samee time that he needs to be on the road and interacting with others, especially males.