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Pander Politics

Pander politics likely accounts for the election of Kirsten Sinema. Ditto for the selection of Clarence Thomas to the SCOTUS. It has long been obvious that tokens are a common response to demands for diversity in hiring. That they are also often incompetent is not immediately obvious.
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Election Myth

What is the point of clinging to the myth that the hiring of public servants is a contest in which the contestants achieve success or failure? Is election supposed to be superior to heredity by desginating an achievement that isn’t? Truth is that an election that’s defined as a contest is a fake.

Why would one want to be the winner of a game that isn’t a game? Is there some attraction in being perverse? Anything that’s man-made is better than what’s produced by nature?

We live in a margarine world? Where the only reality is the one we make and fake?

Bon mots

The fourth estate, having arrogated faux power, also resents the very idea of the people governing. The shrinking readership has made them resentful and antagonistic. We are witnessing the birth of democracy and the wise men are aiming to abort it.

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On voting in Georgia

It would probably be useful to look back further in history. One of the main reasons the 2000 election was screwed up, in addition to the malfunctioning “machines” with the hanging chads, which stopped recording votes after the tray got clogged, was that the votes from American citizens serving in the armed forces had not arrived in the mail and were not counted before the election was decided by the court.
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Where are we at?

Desperation. The partisan political community is getting desperate. All the ploys relied on since the civil rights era to counter government by the people have failed to secure rule by an elite. Elites taking partisan turns to exercise autocracy failed to convince that the ad hoc divisions cobbled out of the detritus of various wars were legitimate. Ditto for the unitary executive. Now there is a last ditch effort to assert the supremacy of the presidency to defeat the popular vote.
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