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“Sticks and Stones…”

The Dude is obviously convinced that words cannot hurt him. So, he blurts out whatever pops into his head from the media scripts he has absorbed. That free speech is a trap does not occur to him any more than it occurs to people who end up in prison for stuff they did not do.

Grand Jury finding on Glynn County Police Department

GRAND JURY PRESENTMENT March 2019 Term Respectfully submitted to: The Honorable Stephen G. Scarlett Chief Judge, Superior Court Brunswick Judicial Circuit The Honorable Anthony L. Harrison Judge, Superior Court Brunswick Judicial Circuit The Honorable Stephen D. Kelley Judge, Superior Court Brunswick Judicial Circuit The Honorable Roger Lane Judge, Superior Court Brunswick Judicial Circuit The Honorable Robert W. Guy Judge, Superior Court Brunswick Judicial Circuit
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Deutschebank Debacle

So, why did Deutschebank keep lending to Donald John Trump even though his credit rating was dismal? Well, all the banks are in a pickle. The requirements of Dodd/Frank to keep records and make them available for periodic inspection, a response to the crash of 2008, combined with the requirements of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, have deprived banks of the only thing of really real value they had to peddle–SECRECY. After all, they paid out millions to ACORN for just one reason, to protect the confidentiality of their records.

Now, thanks to Donald John Trump, who has given Congress reason to want to see his accounts. the industry is reduced to relying on contractual confidentiality, as if they were lawyers. And the courts are not buying it.

Who knew Donald John Trump was going to open so many cans of worms? Law that were put on the books never to be enforced on anyone of significance are being brought out because there is an insignificant in the highest office in the land.

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On Kidnapping Children at the border and putting the up for adoption.

Yes, it is immoral, as Laura Bush says. However, we have amoral people setting public policy and these amoral people have, as predators do, targeted the weak and unsusoecting for segregation and exploitation for decades. Because, segregation is not an end in itself. The object of segregation is to select a target for exclusion without personal consequence. Because that is how human predators get high. They do not consume their prey. No, they set them up to be consumed by bacteria, viruses, deep water and drought and then they gloat becaUse they have survived. Who are these super predators who have bloodless destruction all figured out? Start with Mitch McConnell and Jeff Sessions and go from there.