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Toilet Paper USA

I am not sure where the USA fixation with toilet paper comes from. Why is draping it through trees and bushes considered a clever trick? Now it seems organizing people who think on that level is the authoritarian forte. The adults haranguing the Turning Point youth ought to be ashamed of themselves. Pedophiles, abusing the minds of youth rather than their nether regions.
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Failure by design?

Does having court decisions that deny police responsibility qualify? Protection has become a synonym for coerced compliance? Like when fish are contaminated people are told not to eat them?

Electoral shenanigans are not a surprise

Creatures of habit do the same thing over and over. GWB was installed in 2000 by not counting all the ballots in Florida. Then it was a multi-sided kerfuffle that resulted from careless administration of elections goind back to the ’70s. The irony is that in the ’80s, Georgia was at the forefront of electoral reform to insure more accurate tallies.
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Ministerial mischief

Some good observations. It seems that ministerial positions are vulnerable to abuse. The ministerial role is to transmit information from one branch to another. There are no legal constraints because it is assumed the minister has no influence. We have already seen prosecutors arrogate powers from the executive and the judiciary to themselves. Now we see the same abuse of power in the relations between the electorate and the Congress.

LPTV: The Breakdown After Jan 6 Hearing – June 16, 2022

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Oh, that subconscious!

GWB makes a gaffe.
I am reminded that even when a congratulated a high school graduation class, he needed notes. And, of course, on 9/11/2001 someone prepared comments while he sat in that reading lesson, so he could sound sensible talking about the attack. Then he forgot the notes, but remembered to go back.

Rumsfeld Redux

The sound was of really poor quality when I compiled this eight years ago. So, I thought to reedit it a bit. Rumsfeld was, characteristically, verbally adept, even when he did not know what he was talking about. Many people died horribly and prematurely because he and his cohorts wanted to keep Russia and China out of the middle East.Jealousy is strange; it stakes a claim on things it does not even want.