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Violence Against Women in U.S.

In 2018, 1,838 women were killed in the U.S. That was up from 1,517 in 2017. Femicide. Some people consider it an epidemic. But, for some reason, hard data are hard to find. In part, it is likely that the term “domestic violence” is disguising since both male and female are victims. I note that the dictionary used by the wordpress program does not recognize “femicide” as a word. Ditto for “disfemism.”

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Musings on the case of Garrett Felber

Felber’s a race traitor. Segregation was always maintained by penalizing those who breached the barrier by promoting the interests of the excluded. ‘Tis a kind of triangulation. A favors B so C eliminates Aand B is none the wiser or thinks he’s been abandoned/deceived by A. If B then becomes resentful, so much the better. Indeed, C can pretend to have served as champion and protector, making the community safe. Until one has been harassed by the police for going into the “wrong” neighborhood, it is not likely that the strategy is recognized. We tend to think of relationships as binary.
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More Flynn

The Atlantic’s David Frum has an article about Michael Flynn which suggests that in pardoning the former General, poor Donald is protecting himself. I agree, but instead of the notion that Flynn lied unwittingly about something he knew little about, I would suggest that poor Donald got suckered by Flynn, Manafort, McCain and Putin and now he’s got a choice between admitting he got suckered and insisting that Putin is not his enemy. Never mind that Putin took the first logical opportunity to welcome his replacement. Continue reading

Germans in the U.S.

When we arrived in Los Angeles in 1949, the first thing my mother’s uncle, our sponsor said was “No German is spoken in this house.” At eight years old, I was not bothered and learned English in a couple of months over the summer. So, when school started at Saint Cecilias, I did not miss a grade. We had already learned cursive, numbers were the same and the only read mystery was why they were collecting nickels to buy Chinese babies. Nickels could be got by returning empty bottles to the grocery store. I was, you might say, acculturated quickly.
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