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Why is it that our County Commissioners cannot learn how to wear a mask? Is it for the same reason he cannot learn the names of the subdivisions in his community? Why would you want to perpetuate the name of a defunct oil refining company? Is it the same logic that propels a Georgia Representative to suggest that D.C. is not qualified to be a state because it has no car dealerships?

A deplorable truth

Humans take advantage of those whom they perceive to be weak regardless of their own needs. In other words, they are abusive for no reason. It is a primitive instinct that remains as a remanant of a predatory past. Another reason to give more attention and impose restraints on abusers.

On Nixon and the gold standard

I missed this article when it was published in 2011 and the notion that an action can simply be reversed is obviously wrong. While I have long thought the significance of Nixon’s action was overlooked (even by Nixon himself), it was the response that caused the errors, including the initial imposition of price restraints.

Now, fifty years later, the country is ironically awash in currency which is not being spent because the hoarders do not have the capacity to spend in a timely fashion. The infrastructure of investment has been destroyed in the interest of speculation. Reality has been replaced by ideas and ideas are simply not productive. Wishful thinking does not put dinner on the table.
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The cost of King v. Marcy

I’ve got the invoices for legal services defending Glynn County against the suit. The specific services delivered by private counsel are blanked out in the interest of attorney/client privilege. However, since the citizens of Glynn County are the clients, the redaction is questionable.
Of course, it is possible that the County Attorney, like some of our police, thinks he works for the Board of Commissioners, much as William Barr seemed to think he worked for Donald Trump.
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Sasser Country

The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020 is being considered in Congress. It aims, as does so much federal legislation, to use the string of dollars from the Treasury to exact promises of changed behavior from local government law enforcement practices, in this case.

Will it be effective? Localities that have independent audit functions can track compliance with contract requirements, but auditors have no enforcement powers. The citizenry must enforce. Continue reading


Why do I call it thievery? Because the sales tax payers are not going to get what was promised last time or next. The financial fraternity is looking for dollars that can be used for speculation–like the loans that were extended to Trump.
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