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Election interference

That is what the NY DA is going to identify as the intent of the “catch and kill” scheme run by Peker and Trump. Three stories, including the doorman’s claim that there was another child by a housekeeper. Ronan Farrow is reported to have covered it in a book that we missed.
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Still waiting for indictment day

I am waiting to see more lawyers called to account. Michael Cohen was smart enough to survey the scene and set a trap. Did Cohen suss out the anti-semitism and prepare himself for being thrown to the wolves? Otisville was probably the safest place for him. It strikes me as interesting that Trump has nothing to say about Cohen. Also, he is silent about Obama. At some point fear does shut him up.
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Georgia jurors share some tidbits

I like to think that the tardy response to a complaint against the spouse for visiting a polling place other than his own was a sort of dry run. I do not even remembe the year. only that the complaint and the “opportunity” to settle the matter by paying a modest fine came about two years after the election. So, three years for a massive case is not unreasonable.
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