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57 Cowards

A total of 57 officers [entire] of Buffalo Emergency Respose Team has resigned. Sources say this is to show support for the other officers who are suspended without pay after shoving Martin Gugino 75 yrs old. The officers are no longer ERT, but still employed.


Why is it that the bureaucratic instinct is to cover up?
Minneapolis has a Chief’s Citizens Advisory Council. Yesterday, Google indexed the page and it was accessible. Today there is a notice that the computer has to be checked for five seconds before the site can be accessed. After much more than five seconds, the browser times out and announces an error.
I have taken screen grabs and added them to copies of what used to be abvailable to the public.
Are the powers that be embarrassed about having had only two non-public meetings in three years?
Are they sorry to have published the names and contact information for 32 people whose time was wasted for no good reason? They should be.
Where, by the way, is Chief Arredondo? I doubt the Mayor is responsible for this mess.
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A bitter Southerner ruminates on Ahmaud
I tried to copy this essay to preserve it, but the formatting is too complex.
Let me just say that albeit emotional and well intended, Jim Barber has ignored that the murder of Arbery by authorities is one of a series in a little over a decade by a culture that sets more store on acting with impunity than anything else. Black people are not the only victims. To think they are is to ignore the reality that anyone is likely to be deprived of liberty and life on a whim.